"She gets to the heart of every brief,  the heart of the brand, and most importantly, the heart of the customer. She's a great communicator, tells us what she needs and has never missed a deadline." 

Video Content Producer - Harrods


"You’ve done a great job... came across really well with the client, exactly what we needed!"  

Executive Creative Director - Hangar Seven


"Super writer!"  

Creative Director - Breakfast of Champions


“The story is a deft concoction of caper, mystery, and romance, peppered with hilarious songs and supported by a number of carefully crafted characters.”
BBC Writersroom on 'Marriages at Claridge’s'


“Very witty and well-crafted dialogue.”
The Academy Nicholl Fellowships on 'Marriages at Claridge’s'


A compelling, tense pilot that constructs an engaging mystery as well as a layered, complex character at the centre of the investigation.

Industrial Scripts on 'The Tide Line'


“It’s rare to see a film set at this point in the war, at a setting far away from the frontline but nonetheless with its own horrors.”
Newscope Films on 'Alderney'