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Breastfeeding Discreetly – The Truth Laid Bare

Monday, September 05, 2016


Eleanor Verner


  1. The Restaurant Blogs - Re-published on popular request
    05 Aug, 2016
    The Restaurant Blogs - Re-published on popular request
    The first one:  We’ve moved house. The cat shat in the bath. Enough said. We are now looking at piles of boxes in East Devon, the same boxes, but in different configurations. My makeup box is now under a very large box of Anthony’s fishing magazines, on which I administered a couple of wrestling moves before it tore, spilling a glossy image of a carp onto my feet and momentarily leading me to believe I had found a mirror. The box of vitally important, business related papers are under the box
  2. Wild Boy in the orchard
    06 Aug, 2015
    Wild Boy in the orchard
    The last light of the summer day Lay golden on the bails of hay And down a winding path of bramble, Where the wild rabbits amble, Stood an orchard ripe with fruit And nestled in a old tree root, Still as the apples in the grass, Wild Boy lay watching the day pass. Wild Boy spent all his days outside Through winter’s gales to heat that fried He walked the woods and waded streams From daybreak to the sun’s last beams His hair was tangled, his eyes, wild, He rarely saw another child. So soft
  3. The Last Frost Fair
    29 Jul, 2015
    The Last Frost Fair
    The Thames was frozen. The north and the south gazed across at each other through the clear air and space between them and noticed things on the other side they had not before observed - new buildings of Bath stone, fresh scaffolds and the bare skeletons of piers, stripped of their usual scurrying flesh. The ships had all gone to anchor in the stronger currents toward the sea, leaving behind them a virgin footpath through the city. The river became a sudden spectacle, its brilliance drew the
  4. Excerpts from my gap year
    05 Oct, 2014
    Excerpts from my gap year
    Dear Losers, New South Wales is much better than Wales. The weather has been marvelous up until this week, now its pissing down with rain but is still nice and warm except in places where it is air conditioned then its much like England is now I imagine. So far we have been down from Sydney to Nowra which is Amber's home town and she took us to around a hundred beaches she considers to be of notable beauty, and they were all spectacular. One day I shook out my towel forgetting that it had money